Week Three

Fun Facts:
Some background. Brussels capital region is made up of 19 different communes. Each commune has it’s own government and voting powers. When looking at this map it makes it look as if the capital region is large when in fact it is actually very small. The capital region pictured above is only about 9 miles across. There are only 1 million people living in this 62 sq mile area.

Currently we are temporarily living in Etterbeek and our new home in a few weeks is in Watermael-Boitsfort. Before moving here I wanted to live in Ixelles, but the homes in the area were not quite what we were looking for.

Why such boring facts, because I didn’t get out much this week. I spent the better part of it curled up on the couch under a blanket, tossing snacks at the kids. Or, sitting in the fetal position in my tub in hot water to relax my ticked off kidney. For those interested, no it still has not passed, I am starting to worry. Surgery is not something I want to do in a new country.

In other news:

Aren’t these two cute with their matching cow-licks (I know, but that’s what I call them)

Bailey has been doing ok with the move, but she is still a little clingy. As I type this she is sitting on my lap staring at me. She spends most of the day sleeping under our comforter. She seems pretty chilly, despite her blubber.

School aged children here have more freedom than you can imagine. They take public transportation to and from school. They grab dinner on their way home. Like a crazy ol’ cat lady, I love watching them come home from school from my window. So happy, so free.

The only outing I made during the week was driving around to get lost. I like to do that in new towns because it helps me orient myself and find new things. I did find a McDonalds. Yes they have a royal with cheese and yes it’s still gross over here too.

This weekend, the four of us did make it out to do a little sight seeing. We trekked up to the town of Lier.

On the way to Lier we stopped by Ikea, check out that parking lot. If you want to see confusing, look at the Flemish translation of Sweddish furniture.

They were just so excited to be out of the house. Sorry kids.

And now, presenting LIER, Belgium.

Lier was founded in 714. Yes, that is 8th century I am talking about here. Old in the USA, has got nothing on “old” here.








Sheep with leg warmers!




Lily said “That’s disgusting!”. These signs are all over Belgium and crack me up each time.


This church was built in 1378, it took 200 years to complete.

A picture for Aunt Jodie.

Thanks Lier!

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4 Responses to Week Three

  1. Leslie Branham says:

    Kinda weird Val…where are all the people?

  2. TJ Branham says:

    Nice to see Jason … lookin’ good! I cannot believe how the children have matured. They both have a grown-up look in their faces. Are they enjoying their talking books? Great pictures, Val. Hope you are feeling better. I have a remedy for passing a stone … either a gallon of beer in two hours, or a gallon of hops tea in two hours … dilates the ureters and allows the stone to pass. The beer would probably ease the pain as well. Kim did the hops tea thing a few yeas ago and it worked the same evening. Love you guys!

    • 104wks says:

      They definitely have matured a lot in the face, however in the case of being three years old they are still on target šŸ™‚
      My old urologist told me about the beer too, Right now I’m just sticking to water and my meds. It’s moving for sure, just slooooooowly

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