Week Five

I have finally moved in and have Internet. I can stop twitching now. More to report on Monday but last week, It. Was. Cold. Low of -14C.









But these guys don’t seem to care.


Due to the cold we have had many setbacks regarding the move into our new home. The owner of our home unfortunately did not leave heat on in the house while it was vacant. This proved to be a problem as the pipes froze and broke. Radiators had to be replaced and pipes had to be repaired. Our master shower still does not work but it will in the next 1-6 weeks (ahhh Belgium). So far, each morning we wake up to a surprise. No heat? No hot water? No water? No toilets?who knows! But, we are getting to know our guest bathroom well and think you will like it. Come visit! (in 1-6 weeks)

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2 Responses to Week Five

  1. GiGi says:

    Oh, my, guess my premonitions were a bit off-target, but justified, nevertheless. Bless your hearts! Moving is hard enough without all of that. How are Jason and the children coping? Sounds awful! I’m sending good energy and holding the good thoughts. Hope everything gets resolved soon. Love you all, GiGi

  2. Aunt Nana says:

    Well, it sure is beautiful. We think of you all the time and thank you again for the updates, I love seeing the pictures and keeping up with the kiddos. Love you all very much, Aunt NanaPooPoo

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