Week Seven

This week was vacation for a lot of the city, it’s Carnaval! Unfortunately we didn’t do much carnavaling, the kids were home from school all week which allowed for lots of relaxing around the house.
The kids really are enjoying their new school, however there have been a few growing pains. The school they are going to is a true Montessori school. Lily is loving the different format but Zane is having a bit of trouble with the lack of structure. He finds comfort in minute by minute planning and scheduling. The open learning format makes him feel a bit lost.

But they do come home with smiles each day.

Zane and Lily are loving their new backyard, especially the hill.

I’m extremely excited that we have hired someone to come to the house each week for cleaning and help with the laundry! But…I need either lower my expectations or let them know how picky I am about making beds. (how they did it)

(How I do it, I know I know)

Lily had some crazy tea parties this week

And I cut my hair more than a foot in length! (It’s much easier now)

Some observations from the week

I love how they serve coffee here. When you order coffee (at the end of your meal ONLY) you get a cute little tray of goodies, and always chocolate. Sara L would be happy.

Be careful ordering dessert. Even when they say it’s a small serving, it is not. The meals are tiny here but the desserts are massive

A good tip for a Brussels traveler is whenever you have the opportunity to use the restroom freely, do so. In most places you can not use their restroom without either purchasing something or paying a small fee.

I’m in love with the orange juice here, and I lived in even lived in Florida!

Speaking of restrooms, finally, someone got smart. Mommy potty and kid potty together. THANK YOU

Doggie lock up stations. I guess even the dogs here are so well behaved that you can just leave them unattended outside a store and hope they don’t bother anyone or get into a fight.


I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I have cursed out my GPS. I wonder if Brussels was just a little too anxious when they turned in their road maps. So many times I am told to go straight, turn right or bare left right into a mud field. It is a tad frustrating.

“Now turn right”. Thanks lady.

Also, intersections are quite stressful, tons of lights, all pointed towards you and impossible to read signs. I hate it when I’m first in line. Most of the time I just wait for the honking to begin to know when I should go.

If you are curious as to what people wear here (Jessica), it’s easy. Black. If you want to get crazy, throw some brown boots on, wear grey or put a strip of color in your scarf. Want to visit me? Don’t know what to pack? EASY. Black. Go to your closet, find everything black and throw it in your suitcase.



Even the cars are in on it.

This weekend we went to the Watermael-Boitsfort market. It takes place every Sunday and this market is famously, the best in the city. It was beautiful although expensive. The food was outstanding and the line was queued up 30 people for the famous rotisserie chicken.
Amazing flowers

Buy a quiche and then some socks

Super fresh produce

Delicious waffles (galettes au sucre)

In fact the cupcakes and waffles were so good, Lily didn’t even notice she was being followed by a dog (for those of you who do not know Lily is terrified of unfamiliar dogs)

I can’t wait to go back soon and try the real Belgian Chocolate brownies. Be jealous.

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4 Responses to Week Seven

  1. TJ Branham says:

    Such a wonderful experience for your family, and you guys are so good to go new places and try new things. I love your hair, Val … also, that orange juice machine is fascinating. How is the rotisserie chicken different from in the US … what kind of seasonings? Being more than a little afflicted with OCD myself, I much prefer your bed making.Love Lily’s coverlet and pillows!!

  2. Karen Bourque says:

    The hardest thing about having a person come in and clean is realizing that they will NOT do it the same way that you do…. but also realizing that at least it gets done. I love following the blog and seeing the country through your eyes. This is great!

  3. Shannon W. says:

    I would not be happy with the bedmaking either (and I have low standards). Most of the time, beds are unmade in our house but if I’m paying someone I would expect better.Your pictures look like how Peter makes up his bed (every Saturday) vs. how our housekeeper does it (once every 2 weeks).

  4. Mom says:

    Yeah! You got Zane to wear a hat! Major major accomplishment. I’m counting the days….end of August cannot come fast enough! Hopefully they won’t still be wearing black in the summer…

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