Week Ten

Sorry for the choppy post this week.  I am actually in Houston, Texas this week.  I’ve had to fly back to have my kidney stone removed.  The kidney stone saga is soon to be over!  I’m sure Belgium has fine medical care but I am just more comfortable being back here with my old doctor.

Here are some pictures for the week.


Ah, Belgian advertising…there’s nothing like telling your kids, “they’re just hugging”


I got my first parking ticket.  Apparently I parked in a diplomat’s parking space.  No immunity for me.


She’s very happy doing dishes.


When I drive I have extreme stress levels.  Want to know why?  Take a look at this picture.  I am driving on a street, that is also shared by trams, as well as bikes, as well as people, as well as other cars. You have to drive with your gas at the max and as well as be ready to brake at any moment.


Amazing to me.  Look at this vine stalk.


It creeps across all of these town homes.


I can’t wait to take this picture again in late spring when it’s bloomed.


Waiting for daddy to get home.


Lunch time in Brussels.  High school students get to leave campus and go relax for 1-2 hours.  C’est la vie.



Spring is springing.  Yesssssssss.

Time to play in our park.



Brag time.   Lily pointed out our house on the map all on her own.


Of course there are swans in the pond.  This is Brussels!


Look at the different body languages.  Lily has learned not to get too close to the swans.  Zane enjoys it when they hiss at him.


Another stress level for mom.  The park has the sidewalk right next to the street. Those cars are whizzing by and my son is very quick.


Hatch back central.


A standard park view.  Yes kids, they are just hugging too.


Welcome spring.  Welcome.

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4 Responses to Week Ten

  1. tjebran35 says:

    Use every scrap of energy available to get completely well. So glad to know you are mending. Alleviating the pain of the stone should lower the stress level some. However, with active young twins, a husband, a house to manage, driving on the wrong side of the street (for me), not speaking the language well, heavy traffic, unfamiliar landmarks, etc. etc. Whew! I admire your ability to “carry on.” Love all of you very much! Take care!

  2. Denise LaFrance-Ojinaga says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your kidney stone? Another lithotripsy? I hate these pesky things! I just passed a 4mm stone a few weeks ago. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Denise LaFrance-Ojinaga says:

      Okay, it’s clearly too early for me. Why did I put a question mark in the first sentence? Because I’m half asleep. That’s why.

  3. Uh-oh. Accidentally left my response to Week Ten on Week Nine! I hope you recuperate very quickly!


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