Week Eleven

Yes, I’m still in the USA.  I started my trip with lots of time in airport bars.  After all, beer is my prescription and it was St. Patrick’s Day.

I drank enough to calm me for my day long trek but not enough to get slobbering drunk like the two next to me.  This guy had three vodkas before we were even in the air two hours.

Since staying in the US, I have probably put on ten pounds.  Lots of beef and large portion sizes make me happy.

I had my procedure.  The reason I flew back to the USA, only for it to be unsuccessful.

This is sideways and I can’t figure out how to turn it but…
Yep, stone is still there.  It did crack but unfortunately it cracked horizontally.  So the bottom half of the stone is gone but the top half is still stuck blocking my ureter and pissing off my kidney; or rather, lack of pissing off.

Therefore, when I can I am soaking up some sun (sometimes a rarity in Brussels).

And seeing my friends that I miss so terribly.

However, I am missing my baby, my fur baby and babies even more so.  Next procedure is this Wednesday.  God willing I will be flying home Saturday.


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3 Responses to Week Eleven

  1. Aunt Nana LaFrance says:

    Thinking of you gal. I hope things go better this time. Remember – your Aunt Nana is always sending good thoughts your way. Love you all.

  2. tjebran35 says:

    So glad to have news about everything. Wish the first procedure had been successful. I hope the one on Wednesday gets the job done and you never have to have another stone. I know you miss your family terribly even though you are enjoying your friends.Take really good care of yourself! Love you!

  3. Karen Bourque says:

    Fingers crossed and sending prayers that the next treatment will be successful. In the meantime, enjoy your friends and family.

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