Week Thirteen

It’s been a long week. Coming back, fighting jet lag, recovering during “Easter break” (kids at home all day, no school), and generally just feeling like I had been hit by a car made for an uneventful though blissfully boring week.

I promised adventure with this blog and I’m falling short, but I promise, I’m feeling better, the grey cold skies are parting and adventure is on it’s way. We have a couple of fun trips coming up and many things left to explore. Hang in there!

Last week it wasn’t United’s terrible customer service that made me want to cry, it was being away from my husband and my kids for the longest amount of time ever since they were born. I could not wait to get back and squeeze them…gently.

We didn’t get out much with the exception of a few park trips and spring flower purchases at the Sunday market.

So here are a few random pictures off my phone.

Tell me this child is not headed into model-hood

Easter shampoo ears

I love the look of freshly dried hair on Zane, a very Charlton Heston as Moses look.

I yike choc-yat

Special holidays mean gumbo in this family to carry on the tradition from MeMaw, Jason’s grandma. Gumbo is all about the roux. A proper roux should take you at least 45 minutes to make. This is not a brick roux.

This is.

She would be proud to see her greatgrandkids eat sufficiently.

Have I ever mentioned how much of our day revolves around food? Because it feels like ALL day.

Even The Easter Bunny is greeted with thoughtfully prepared snacks and cocktails. We may be living in Belgium but I’m doing my best to keep it Southern around here.

And last but not least, a little backyard fun.

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3 Responses to Week Thirteen

  1. Katie says:


  2. T.j. Branham says:

    Glad you are home safely and on the mend. I know you are glad to be back with your family and they are most certainly glad to have you home!

  3. Elle says:

    The gumbo part gave me a big ‘ol smile 🙂
    I don’t know if you worded “She would be proud to see her greatgrandkids eat sufficiently” on purpose, but when we were little MeMaw would never let us say that we were “full” after eating. She insisted the proper term was that we had “eaten sufficiently”. 🙂

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