Week Fifteen

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary! Jason and I celebrated at Le Chalet de Foret with the most amazing meal either of us have ever experienced. I could into detail about the menu but each course contained so many elements and ingredients I’d have to use this whole page.

This was the second course which I snapped a picture of. Then I realized that snapping pictures of your food was not really smiled upon at such a location. But I did it for the love of the blog!

We were the youngest patrons of the restaurant but were able to snap a picture or two before the more snooty class joined us for dinner.


Meanwhile, Zane and Lily created their own menu of treats


Lily worked hard on this one because she wanted Plating Points. Me thinks mommy watches a little too much Iron Chef.


This is a street. It made me snicker.


This is not something you want to see in Brussels. It means all hell is about to break lose and you better run for cover. The sky goes night and it pours.

Jason and Nana took a couple of days in Paris. Paris is only about an hour away from us by train, so why not! See, if you come to visit you can do such wonderful things as well. Kayak.com people.


The Louvre


Notre Dame at dusk


The real Arc de Triomphe (more on that later)



We also took a trip to the Atomium. If you have watched The Amazing Race you know what this thing is. It was built for the 1958 World’s Fair. It’s a giant Iron Molecule contraption and you can go up into it. We wanted to go up into it however the line looked hours long. My kids are patient, but not that patient, better to go on a weekday.



We also went to Mini-Europe. Mini-Europe is a little park that has 1/125th sized replicas of famous European places/buildings/markers. It’s also a great place to let the kids run around and press buttons.


Zane was not a fan of this giant themed turtle.


Mini-Grand Place. Lily was excited to say, I’ve been there!


Getting ready for our London Trip next month.


The not real Arc de Triomphe


Look at that thing in the background! Doesn’t it look like it belongs in a sci-fi novel?


Mini-Vienna where you can squirt people with water by pushing the button.


This was the display for Malta. I told Jason to remind me never to visit Malta.


Mini-Ghent. (We’ve been there!)


Pre-Trip Jason and Nana went to the market to collect goodies and he was pleased to see the waffle lady was back. (She’s been missing the past few weeks!)


Post-Trip it hailed. (???)

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3 Responses to Week Fifteen

  1. Loved Week 15! Lily and Zane are going to be such cosmopolitan children! I think it all looks fabulous.

  2. tjebran35 says:

    You all live such exciting lives. I appreciate the blog more and more as the children grow and develop and go to such beautiful and interesting places. What a neat thing or y’all to get to do … live in Belgium that it. If you really gained ten pounds on your trip to the states, it is certainly becoming. The picture of you at Le Chalet de Foret is outstanding. Jason looks good too, as does everybody, Nana, included. Looks as if she’s having a wonderful time. Undoubtedly, she is. Proud as punch, I’ m sure. Sending much love to all … GiGi

  3. Karen Bourque says:

    Happy Anniversary to you! The pictures are wonderful, and I’m so glad that Laura (aka Nana) got to visit with you. It looks like a fabulous time was had by all!

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