Week Sixteen

There are some amazing things about Brussels.

The spring when the entire city explodes in color. Everything is in bloom and each street is drenched in color.

At stop lights, instead of promotional flyers you are handed promotional jam to sample.

For breakfast it is perfectly acceptable to eat a buttery croissant filled with chocolate cream and hazelnut bits.

There are also not so wonderful things about Brussels. Take this supermarket trip as an example. The checkout lady received a phone call that it was her break. She got up and took a 5 minute break. Notice there were still people in line. The lady who is about to pay, the lady in front of me who must have 10 cats, then me, then about 7 people behind me. All just had to stand there for 5 minutes while she took her break. No warning, she just stood up, walked outside, lit a cigarette and we waited.

But the weather is becoming amazing.

Herbs are easy to grow here

And it’s alright to relax and to spend a Saturday morning in bed with iPads and iPhones.

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2 Responses to Week Sixteen

  1. tjebran35 says:

    Beautiful blossoms,

  2. Karen Bourque says:

    The blossoms look like Spring in New England.

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