Week Twenty

Sunday we spent the better part of the morning hanging out at the end of our street watching the 33rd annual 20km de Bruxelles (it is about a half marathon). The street that runs perpendicular to ours was kilometer marker 14km. They had a drum band and got the crowd pumped up.


(Photo above obtained from internet)
This year 35,000 people ran the race. Wow. It also gives you a nice perspective about how small Brussels is. They can essentially loop around the whole city in a half marathon.

Ready for the race to start

And it begins! (can you guess what color shirt I was wearing this day? Use your CSI skills)

Here are the leaders. #27 won the race with a time of 1 hour flat.

First place Belgian woman who was fourth woman overall with a time of 1hr13 mins




In other news:
I can’t seem to find vanilla extract here. It appears they only sell vanilla beans of course.

Each morning I am greeted with these creatures. The slugs here are ridiculous, they are something straight out of a B grade horror movie. This guy was the size of my thumb, my whole thumb.

The days are getting longer, much longer, but it is making for lovely evenings on the terrace. Pretty soon it will not get dark until almost midnight. eek.

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1 Response to Week Twenty

  1. tjebran35 says:

    Exciting day … then new babies, huh? Aunt Val and Uncle Jason, how does that feel? Two sets of twins born in the sign of the twins. Wow!

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