Week Thirty-one

There was a recent article written in a local magazine by an American Expat. She spoke about how the majority of the world does not know of all the beauty that Belgium possesses because Belgians are a selfish people. The country was nearly destroyed by World War II and since that time the Belgians would prefer for foreigners to get in and get out. “Pack them in the Grand Palace and shuttle them through Bruges then bid them adieu!”. It is not easy to find all the hidden places Belgium has to offer. Most of the time it is spread through word of mouth, google earth searches or pure luck. I have tried, and failed miserably to convince friends and relatives that I live in the land of computer desktop wallpapers. Pictures do not do it justice you will just have to come and see for yourself.

On the way to pick up some milk and veggies, I was google mapping some new directions. Along the path I saw a label that said, “Gaasbek Castle”. Castle you say? Let’s make a stop over on our way and check it out.










I’m tellin’ ya…

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4 Responses to Week Thirty-one

  1. Aunt Nana says:

    Absolutely breathtaking.

  2. Mom says:

    Cannot wait…18 more days….. I’m headed to Best Buy for another memory card for the camera. Think I’m going to need it!

  3. kdcarver says:

    If I come over will your rug rats help me storm that castle?

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