Week Thirty-three

This week was filled with drama.

First emotional drama. Zane and Lily started school. They are going to pre-kindergarden at The International School of Brussels. It is a fine school and I am constantly blown away by the care, support and directives of the school. The school moto is Everyone Included, Challenged, Successful. Their definition of successful encompasses the desire of the students themselves. They believe in providing the individual skill sets to each student in whatever direction they chose. The school focuses heavily on the arts, which as the director pointed out, is what we as adults normally find the most pleasure and entertainment in when we have spare time.

As you can see from their schedule they have a lot of play in the curriculum. Zane spends most of his time with the trains, and constructing tracks with villages surrounding the path. Lily spends most of her time on playdoh and in the kitchen area. I was told she prepared a frittata with parsley garnish the other day.

Next, Bailey lost herself. She walked out onto our balcony terrace around 9pm. At 11pm, we decided to go to bed and we went to retrieve a non-existent cat. We searched for hours and finally, at 4:30am, Mademoiselle Bailey decided to return. For a cat with no survival skills, in an area rich with foxes, dogs, tomcats and weasels, I am truly shocked she resurfaced.

Next, Lily was playing with this battery powered car when I heard a yelp and scream. She brought it downstairs to show me that the car stole her hair. ow. ow. ow. Poor thing has a giant baldspot on the topside of her head now. Thank you barrettes and comb overs.


And finally, we had a couple encounters with the European House Spider. It seems these little guys can live in your house for years, keeping to themselves. Until September. September is mating season for them and the males reveal themselves.
Lily was in her play tent when she let out a scream and ran out. I told her to calm down, it was JUST a spider and went into the tent myself to kill the little thing. Only, when I entered the tent I soon found myself face to body with a giant european house spider who took off running after me. He was the diameter of the palm of my hand and died a quick death. Here I thought Lily was just being dramatic over a little tiny spider when in fact she had every right to freak out at the beast. I have since encountered two more but after thorough cleanings, attic rearranging and bookcase snooping, I’m pretty sure I have got them all.

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2 Responses to Week Thirty-three

  1. Karen Bourque says:

    Despite all of the absolutely gorgeous pictures, I can’t get the spider out of my mind. EEEK, Lily, I agree with you. I would have run screaming, too. Thanks again for sharing your adventures with all of us.

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