Week Thirty-five

Are you sick of Paris pictures yet? (never!)  This week my parents and I took an overnight trip to Paris.  We stayed at a hotel that was in the heart of the Paris but I’m not sure it knew it.   The rates were unbelievable for a Paris hotel at that location.  The room was a great size and so was our bathroom.  If you ever want a recommendation, shoot me an email and I’ll let you in on it’s little secret.

Paris was a little different this time around.  It was September (the end of tourist season and the return of the actual Parisians), right after an election (graffiti everywhere!), and construction had resumed (for those who don’t know most construction halts in the summer and begins again in the fall).  So it was a little gritty this time around.



Our first day there we did the typical touristy things and saw all the major monuments.  Louvre, P. de la Concorde, the Tulieries Gardens, The Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and also went on my favorite bike tour of the city (Bike About Paris FYI). After an evening dinner on Ile St. Louis my parents danced in the streets with a New Orleans Jazz band until some kids tried to steal the money out of the man’s open case.  Having a man scream obscenities over jazz music lightens the romantic setting.

That night Dad took us to go see the cabaret show Lido.  It was boob-tastic (and also had some really talented people performing street stunts).

The next morning we started with a good breakfast at Les Deux Magots (pronounced Lay Doe Mag-oh, not like “Maggots” gag).  If you want an “American Style” breakfast this is one of the few places to have it.  After a full day of walking the day before we needed some eggs, bacon, and coffee to keep us going.

We passed by the fountain of St. Michel on the way to Notre Dame.  It was as beautiful as always despite the graffiti and anti-abortion propaganda all over the ground.

Anytime I see one of these Bateaux Mouches things I can not get over how BIG they are.  PS if you are visiting Paris, do not take one of these.  If you want a river cruise I have a recommendation for a smaller more private one that is cheaper and you get to take your own wine/snacks onboard.

Since living over here I have seen my fair share of churches.  But, the size of Notre Dame still widens my eyes upon entering.  Jesus’s Crown of Thorns is kept here as well as a nail from his wrist.  So now with that I have also seen, a vial of Christ’s blood and a piece of the cross. I never intended to have a Crucifixion stamp-card but I’m accumulating.

Paris was PACKED.  Playtime over, Parisians back to work, the hussle and bussle of city life had returned.

That afternoon we went up to Montmartre to stroll around.  We visited the Montmartre cemetery.  Which was pretty cool.  Until a cat started following me.  I’ve seen and read Stephen King’s “Pet Cemetery” and that cat gave me the creeps.

The tomb doors were all fantastic.

Way to go Ms. Gautier!  You have outlasted your pre-printed headstone!  They are going to have to redo it to replace the 19- with 20xx. Bet you never thought that would happen when you ordered it.  Happy 108 years to you Loetitia!

After lunch and a Pub break we made it up to The Sacre Coeur.  Unfortunately while we were in the Pub the nice lady in front of us had her purse stolen from the back of her chair.  Tip to everyone, the only place your purse belongs is in your lap!

Pictures are not allowed in The Sacre Coeur but mom managed to sneak this one despite the guilt looking down upon her.  We attended Vespers which is a weekday evening service with choral songs from the nuns.  Their voices filled the church as the sun cast stainglass light across the walls…and then the woman behind me had a seizure and fell unconscious and I had to coax her helpless husband through what was going on (IN FRENCH), take vitals and try to help her.  She came-to, had had a heat stroke and with cooler air and water, did just fine.  Don’t drink wine all day and then hike the stairs to The Sacre Coeur, noted.

We returned from Paris and Jason took my dad down to Waterloo, where the famous Battle of ….Waterloo took place and Napoleon was captured.

Sorry dad, more stairs.  Europeans love them some stair climbing.

The very next day my parents left for Cologne Germany and we hung out the house this weekend.

It was nice to have a relaxing weekend of eating, drinking and laying around.  After all, I burned off enough calories trekking around Brussels center and Paris right?

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4 Responses to Week Thirty-five

  1. janelle says:

    Your pictures are amazing!

  2. Katie says:

    I’m so glad your parents got to come for a visit! How awesome! Your pics really make me miss Paris and you look stunning. I’m living vicariously through your adventures, but miss you guys here in boring Grapevine.

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