Week Thirty-nine

Is it me or do these weeks seem to be coming around faster and faster?

Fall has most definitely arrived.  The house has been prepared for the season with stockpiled firewood, a heating system check, summer clothes have been cleared out of drawers and Lily made sure Bailey was cozy.

We had a nice relaxing weekend this weekend. We did essentially nothing on Saturday.  Sunday we did our typical activity of walking to our Market. This Sunday’s walk was a little more fun because the Brussels Marathon was going on down our street. We cheered on some athletes and then ate a whole bunch of cookies and waffles in their honor.


At our market, they have put up an old tram car that they are eventually going to turn into a Fritterie.  I can not wait to add hot crispy fries dredged in mayo to my Sunday calorie busting feast.  But, based on how long it takes ANYTHING to happen around here, they should have the fritterie completed in about a year’s time.



Out of everything here in Brussels, when the time does come to leave, I think I will miss these Sunday trips the most out of everything.  Sure the US has farmers markets here and there but they just won’t be able to compare to our weekly family tradition.  But, enough on that, we still have a good long while here and I refuse to get sad about something that hasn’t even happened yet.  Hope you all have a great week this week.

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