Week Forty-two

This will be a choppy post because I don’t have much to tie it together. We have had a virus running through the house and besides feeling lousy we haven’t done much.

Things found on my phone:

YAY! Belgium! If you can hear the video above you will hear the song “Sh*t Day” playing in the kiddy toy store. They sort of have a thing against censorship here.

Zane has been doing really well with his reading and he loves his BOB books. he sounds pretty garbled from swollen tonsils and a stuffed nose 😦

The kids had a Halloween Party at their school this past week that Dad hosted. I was at home taking care of a sick and very sad Zane who cried about his Spiderman costume. He wanted to show it to his teacher and his friends so badly, but with his rockin’ 106.4 fever, he was at home in PJs instead.

Friday was United Nations day at the school. All the kids dressed in clothing from their home culture and they sang some pretty cute songs. Each child also made flags from their home country. Zane walked in proudly waving his American Flag and Lily was proudly waving her handmade Belgian flag (?). My poor confused children.

The weather has turned. I awoke on Sunday to a frosty morning during my quick trip to the market. I’m not ready for winter yet! Stay away.

A lady hit my car. It was minor but there was still damage. However, the woman became enraged when I asked her for her information. She screamed that the damage was minor (then changed her story to “what damage?!?”) and that it really made no matter…she had Diplomatic Immunity from the Italian government. It was awful and still unresolved. I am getting rather thick skin in regards to people screaming an inch from my face while wildly waving hands all over. Luckily I can stare down just as hard and stand as still as a statue. More awkward? She is another mom from Z&Ls school, I get to see her each morning from now on.

Damasgus, our hamster, is feeling rather frisky and seems to be preparing for hibernation. I haven’t broken the news to him yet that his two little humans won’t let that happen.

I was able to take a few family pictures before the weather turned to frigid. The leaves have turned and fall is here. Enjoy these pics of Zane & Lily who are growing up quickly.




We hope to get in one quick weekend trip this weekend before we leave for Dubai. I firstly need to feel better and then figure out where we’re going to go…

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