Week Forty-five

There are SO many pictures in this post. I hope you have a LARGE cup of coffee in front of you.  But be warned, I did not take my large fancy schmancy camera.  These pictures are off of my little sony wx9 and iPhone.

We went to Dubai, United Arab Emirates last week. It was a long plane flight and a week full of ups and downs. The upside was we were in an amazing city that is really only about 14 years old. It is beautiful, clean (as in, I couldn’t find one piece of trash on the ground and zero graffiti) and unbelievably modern. The downside included two very sick children (this was a Hawthorne family vacation of course). But, we plowed through like always and managed to have a great time.

The kids and I flew to Dubai to meet Jason after he had been in the Middle East for a while including stops in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.  We met him at the tail end of his trip and were excited to do so.  I think Jason took this picture from his hotel room when he first got to Dubai.  I’d ask him but he’s all the way downstairs and I’m lazy.

**EDIT:  I have been informed that this pictures IS from his hotel room, but was taken in Doha, Qatar.  oops.

After finishing his biz-ness, Jason transferred hotels and we all rendez-vous’ed at The Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island.  What a spectacular hotel, the entrance alone knocks your socks off.

After a good night’s rest we hit the kiddy water slides hard.  Zane and Lily were having a blast despite the obvious fact that Lily was ill.  She had been a mess the whole plane flight to Dubai and had started to run a fever.  (Apparently some people missed the memo on “respectful swimsuits”.

Being safety conscious, Lily stuck to these little water slides.

While Zane plowed into these with zero hesitation.

The next day, all hell had broken loose.  Both kids had raging fevers and were sick as dogs.  A visit to the clinic revealed both of them had bad ear infections.  In fact, Zane’s was so bad that the doctor was concerned and put us on ear drum rupture watch.

Will Lollipops make you better?

How about room service and Scooby-doo?

The doctors told us NO water activities for the rest of the week.  We did not tell Zane and Lily but rather tried to find alternative activities.

Atlantis has “The Lost Chambers” which is a beautiful aquarium that is nice and dark, and full of low ceilings, hence scaring the hell out of Zane.  Z doesn’t do aquariums very well.

Z pleaded “Let’s get outta here!” so Lily and I stayed behind and looked at the fishies and other blobs.

Consider Nemo Found

Our next indoor activity took us to the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world.  Boy is it.

The face of culture shock.

One of the many fountains

I can’t imagine telling Europeans no hand holding or kissing.  Around here, they practically make babies right in front of your eyes as they wait in line for their sandwiches to be made.

Outside of the Dubai mall is the Burj Khalifa.  The tallest building in the world.  Complete with a water show that is way better than the Bellagio’s in Vegas.

You can’t really describe how tall this building is or take a good photo.  You just have to see it in person to appreciate the magnitude of this beast.

Fun Facts from Jason:
The Burj Khalifa is…
Taller than 2 empire state buildings stacked
Just shorter than 3 eiffel towers stacked
Just shorter than 5 washington monuments stacked

We started to head home from the mall, Zane’s ear was getting pretty nasty (bleck).

But first we stopped by the Children’s section of the mall.  Yes…that is a Fendi store.  For children.

More child couture.

There is also an entire section for shoes.

Keep dreaming love.

As the days passed, Zane had more doctor’s visits so Lily and I enjoyed tea.

Although Zane was able to join us for some excellent beach time.

“This is coral, but not the color”

The hotel also had a large gaming area, so we spent a small fortune in there playing video games.  We also learned that Zane is pretty darn good at air hockey.

By the last day we gave up.  We let the kids in the pool in spite of the doctors.  Their little heads never went under the water and we had bought those little silicone thingies to stick in their ears.  Don’t tell.

Chicken fingers, fries and a pool.  A happy boy.

The day before we left, Zane had to go to an emergency ENT clinic to have his ears suctioned.  Here we learned that his tubes had already fallen out and had been banging around his ear canal.  We also learned that the infection was still rampant and he needed a heavy duty antibiotic, well, three to be exact.  The child has an amazing pain tolerance.  So while he and dad did all that, Lily and I spent our final hours on the beach making sandcastles.

I’ll say it again, Dubai is an amazing city and one that deserves respect.  It was an exhausting week, but what vacation with children isn’t.
Shukran Dubai.

Dubai Video

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3 Responses to Week Forty-five

  1. tjebran35 says:

    Zounds! What a trip … so sad about kid’s illnesses. Poor Zane. Will you have tubes put in again? Ir’s hard to believe all the building done in such a short time. I am so glad you guys got to do this. So very exciting. I particularly love the Ghandi quote. Love you ALL.

  2. Karen says:

    What amazing pictures! Poor Zane – my Liam had four sets of tubes in his ears before his 7th birthday. Hope he is feeling better now. Thank you for sharing such amazing sights!

  3. Kari says:

    Great photos! My parents moved to Dubai in the late 70’s. I moved there in 1982 and left in 1990. My parents still go once or twice a year because they both have companies there. It has grown so much! My son and his wife went there for their Honeymoon.
    I hope the kids are better. Poor baby with his ears.

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