Week Fifty-one

After spending Christmas #2 over at Nana and PawPaw’s, we packed up and headed to Pop and NéeNée’s for Christmas #3. Last year Christmas only came on one day, this year the kids were loving every minute of the week long celebration.  Hot tub in December? That’s about right for Texas. (My son has ridiculous muscles…)

The kids could not wait to jump into their cars and take off. Don’t worry it is a private road and they were being watched carefully.

We spent a lot of time working on a puzzle. Or rather I spent a lot of time sorting puzzle pieces only to find that a small elf named Lily would follow behind me and “re-sort” all the pieces I had just finished with.

Uncle Conner wins the patience of the year award. Uncle Conner was Zane and Lily’s new best friend and the poor guy had two little shadows following him around everywhere. I don’t think he minded too much though 🙂

Bloody Mary’s are one of my favorite Hawthorne Family Christmas morning traditions and I had to be the lush to ask, so…where are those Mary’s! Let’s get shakin!

The afternoon was a fun blur of presents, family and friends who all dropped by. A favorite being Uncle Kyle who brought a rocket launcher to play with in the backyard. Despite cold weather and harsh wind, together with Cousins Erin/Elle and Uncle Kyle, Zane and Lily must have launched at least 100 rockets.

The day before we left, as part of our Christmas present NéeNée treated Melissa and I to a massage/lunch at the Houstonian and also took us shopping at Tiffany. I got a new pair of sunglasses and some new silver hoops. My old silver hoops died in the move over to Brussels and I have been missing them terribly. It was a nice way to end such a hustle and bustle month.

OH! and we finished that puzzle. Pop, NéeNée, Jason and I worked hastily into the evening putting in the last pieces of the puzzle. Jason tried to sneak a piece in his palm so HE could put in the last piece but he was caught and busted.

Proud Grandparents of twinsss

The next day we got back on two airplanes and headed back to Belgium. I was sad to leave the states but also ready to get the kids back to school and get back into our normal flow. My french has gone to hell and Bailey the cat was a mess. Since our return she has yet to leave my side. I woke up this morning to a cat half on my face and half on my pillow.

A tribute to the real heroes of this Christmas. The animals who tolerated and survived the non-stop actions of two 4.5 year olds.


Gus & Hank



and Bob

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