Week Fifty

Heading up into the Hills of Comfort, Texas has always been a favorite place for Jason and myself to go and visit. We love going out there and just taking it a little slower.
Comfortbranch ComfortHouse Comfortwindmill ComfortBoot

Zane and Lily continued to be totally in love with Gus & Hank.  Their favorite part of the day was taking them on a walk.
IMG_5015Their first day of walking was a lesson on what to do and not do with the dogs (example if the dog takes off after a wild (insert animal name here), don’t hold on.

IMG_5013Zane found it hilarious that the dogs poop.  Especially that they poop right in front of you.  Come to think of it, I believe this was the first time Zane ever saw a dog poop.

IMG_5005It was also the first time Zane ever saw a dog pee on something.  Zane did what any 4 year old would do and walked over to the same bush the dogs peed on, and peed on it himself.  I thought Grandma was going to die laughing.

We did all sorts of fun nature things and we all got to teach the kids about the stars, science, nature, respect and all those sorts of things mom loves.

IMG_5084Jason also got to go play tennis out at Bending Branch Winery with the owner.  He did pretty well considering he hasn’t played a real game of tennis in like….um…almost 10 years.

That evening Grandma gave me an early Christmas present of a 2 hour massage at a Touch of Comfort Massage.  The therapist is LaDawn and she truly is a therapist.  Not just a feel good rubber.  She got out a couple of knots in my neck that have been there for years.  YEARS.  I was so grateful and loved the ability to turn my neck without it hurting.

I got to do a little nature spotting as well.  Roadrunners, deer, bunnies, porcupines, cows, horses, donkeys, and lots of colorful birds.

IMG_5093Vermilion Fly Catcher

IMG_5075Blue Bird

IMG_5074Titmouse (not pictured is the chickadee who flew away)

IMG_5063You really couldn’t separate the dogs from the kids.

IMG_5023Meme was in town from El Paso and enjoyed hanging out with the kids.  After taking care of all the kids she has taken care of in her life, these two were a piece of cake.

StoneFamWe finished our time in Comfort by eating Mexican food.  GOOD Mexican food.

Then, we packed up and drove back to Houston.

DSC02418Where we got home in time to put out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa and wake up the next morning to find that those gross elves had peed in the potty AGAIN this year and didn’t flush.

DSC02419In front of the fireplace there was Woody, Buzz and a chocolate lolly maker!  Just like they had asked for!!


DSC02425After the newness of the gifts wore off, we spent the rest of the day playing with babies.  I forgot how exciting a jingling ball can be.



DSC02435Way to go Uncle Jason, you broke him…

IMG_5233Lily couldn’t help herself.  She loves her cousins.


Zane tends to tense up when he hears a baby cry. Which is fantastic when we are stuck on a plane and there is a crying baby. “MAMA! MAKE DAT BABY BE QUIET!!!!” So he spent some relaxing time outside lining up and hitting some golf balls.

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2 Responses to Week Fifty

  1. Lacey says:

    My cousin, John Rivenburgh, runs Bending Branch Winery! Bob (the tennis enthusiast) is his father-in-law. Small world… 😉

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