Week Forty-eight

And back to Houston we go…
Zane and I drove back to Houston following the surgery in Dallas and spent some much needed days resting and sleeping. Zane was doing well with his post-op pain, except when it was time to take medication. Because the people who make pain medication stick so much citric acid in the solution, it burns like fire going down the back of the throat. I even tried some, it burned my throat, and I hadn’t had surgery on it! Poor guy.

photo 1Lily constructed her legos and did various projects around the house.

photo 2Nana and the kids built a beautiful gingerbread house.  Lily was quite disappointed that she couldn’t eat it like Hansel and Gretel got to.

photo 4We also headed over to Uncle Matt and Aunt Melissa’s house so that we could take a Christmas card picture.  More importantly I got to see my nephews for the first time!  I love getting to see them on the blog that their parents keep.  But, there is nothing like getting to hold them in person.  Lily, as per normal, was refusing to cooperate in the family photo.  We did finally get one good shot, but above is an example of her standard group photo look.  She’ll grow out of it right?
IMG_4879 IMG_4886

IMG_4885At the end of the week, Zane was feeling better so he got to get outside and get some fresh air riding their new bikes.  Nana and Pawpaw’s circular driveway became a racetrack in an instant.  We had to stop Zane every so often for breaks and to cool down.  Poor kid didn’t realize he had just had surgery!

Mid- week, Zane and Lily headed over to Pop and NéeNée’s house for more grandparental fun.

DSC_2441They baked cinnamon muffins….

DSC_2482Zoomed around in Jeeps

DSC_2541Played at the park

And took a trip to the Houston’s Children’s Museum…

That’s my girl 🙂DSC_2607 DSC_2660 DSC_2604
Always a monkey.

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