Week Forty-nine

Mid-week Daddy finally arrived from Belgium. He fought his jet lag the best way you can, trying to keep up with Zane and Lily.

IMG_4902Jason was happy to see Zane and Lily but he was more excited about making a trip over to brother Matthew’s house to see his new twin baby nephews.

IMG_4914 IMG_4918
Poor Will, you could just see it in his eyes.  “Hmm…you look kind of like my daddy, but you are not my daddy.  Weird, but thanks for the bottle kind sir!”

Two babies at the same time.  Strangely familiar and comes back so quickly.  I do miss those days when they would just cry/scream at you, not necessarily ARGUE with you.

IMG_4934The kids spent time doing art projects and playing outside.  Zane had a rough few days at the scabs began to come off in the back of his throat.  Because they had not been through enough, they also had to go get their 4 year shots.  Everyone warned me that the 4 year set is the worst out of all of them.  Boy howdy.  Lily weighed in at 36 pounds at 42 inches and Zane was 42 pounds and 45 inches. Before Zane’s surgery he weighed 46.5 pounds meaning he lost 4.5 pounds between visits because it hurt to eat, poor guy.

Lily painted a lovely picture called “Mommy and Lily.”  Notice how the rain cloud is over mommy’s head, while Lily is in the sun wearing sunglasses.  Thanks honey.


Zane’s painting is entitled “WiFi”.  Paint what you love I suppose.


IMG_4955Aunt Leslie drove in to spend some time with us all.  The kids kept her on her toes and she gave it right back to them.

Catch Aunt Leslie!

IMG_4979Nana trying to catch Zane

IMG_4980She’s just too fast Lily!

Because we had stayed in the same place for almost a week it was time to travel again.  We packed up and drove from Houston to Comfort, Texas to go visit Grandma and Grandpa.

IMG_4986Zane instantly took to Hank and Gus and tried to control them with his light saber.

IMG_4989I was absolutely tickled when I saw this hanging on the wall.  This used to hang on the wall at my Meme and Pepe’s house and I spent a lot of time playing with it.

IMG_4993Meme and Grandma in the kitchen with margarita’s flowing.  The Stone Family Christmas had officially begun.

IMG_4997Hanky Panky…such a gentle soul.

IMG_4994Zane would flap his leg up and down on the floor pretending it was his tail.

IMG_4999Lily spent a lot of her time doing what she does best.  Ordering things around.  She loved that she could command Gus and Hank to do just about whatever she wanted them to do.

IMG_5002He really did think he was a dog.

IMG_5004Hi Gus.

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