Week Forty-seven

And after a week break, BACK ON an airplane!  We unpacked from Dubai, washed clothes and repacked to head back to the United States.  Zane Lily and Mama headed out early in the morning to make the quite long, long trek back over the ocean.  Daddy got to stay in Belgium and witness the first snow fall of the year.  On the other hand, the kids and I were sweating and dealing with 80+ temperatures in the south.

DSC02378I have well behaved children in general but they are extremely well behaved when traveling.  Maybe it is because I tell them that pilots, air marshals, and flight attendants throw misbehaving people off of airplanes.  Even in mid-air.  After I told Zane that there were Captains sitting next to him in the waiting area (pic above), he asked why there were there.  I told him they were scoping out who they were going to throw off the plane.  Sit down and be good.

DSC02380I agree Lily, for the price you pay, boarding passes should be more colorful.

DSC02389Both kids finally conked out on the second airplane when we had an hour left.  Not on the LONG transatlantic flight, or in the LONG layover in DC, but rather, on the shorter flight towards the end.  I was tired.

DSC02393We arrived in Houston and headed to PawPaw and Nana’s house.  They surprised Z&L with a new swing set in the backyard.  Lots of fun was had and many miles swung.

DSC02398 DSC02396

DSC02402As an “I’m sorry don’t hate me for leaving you” gesture, I took Lily to get her first pedicure.  She had a great time despite her tense smile move here.  She only had one freak out moment when the lady busted out the cuticle clippers.  Once she saw the fear in Lily’s eyes she slowly slipped them out of sight and said, maybe next time.  I love these women, they are always so kind and the only ladies I go see to have my nails done when I’m in town.


photo 1After a full day of rest (insert sarcasm, needed much much more), Zane and I drove to Dallas (what’s a 5 hour drive after a full day of flights anyway).  Along the way I enjoyed two guilty pleasures that I have missed:  eating Jack-in-the-Box breakfast sandwiches and listening to country music, don’t judge.

DSC02405We picked Grandma up from the airport and headed to our hotel for the rest of the week.  Zane was having his tonsils taken out (remember the June disaster?  Ya, his tonsils never went back down and remained huge and inflamed), and new tubes had to be put back in (remember the Dubai ear meltdown?).  We killed some time doing a little sight seeing and friend visiting.


photo 2mmmm Blue Bell.

photo 4The morning of the surgery Zane was super excited.  We had been talking about having his tonsils out for almost 5 months and he couldn’t wait to get started.  Poor kid had no idea what he was in for.


photo 3The procedure went well and was over quickly.  He woke up from his anesthesia much better than he woke up from his adenoidectomy when he was 1.5, THAT was a disaster.

DSC02408Thanks to codeine and a pain tolerance like none other, Zane got to see a few of his friends before we left.  He was shocked to see that Baby Grace was no longer a baby.
photo 5

And also that Emma’s baby sister was also no longer a baby.  I had lots of help that enabled me to get Zane’s tonsils out by someone I know and trust.  I am so thankful to all the friends and family that pitched in.

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