Week Fifty-two

The jetlag is wearing off and the year has begun. If you will notice, this post makes week 52…halfway mark. For all y’all who really really really want to come visit us, time is a tickin’! Do your part and book those tickets. And I’ll do my part by talking to United into reducing their prices and promoting free upgrades.
Today was the last day of the Brussel’s Christmas Market. We hit the streets fairly early expecting crowds but were shocked to find crickets instead. Where was everyone today? Perhaps everyone is bundled up at home or has already been there done that for this year. But, it made it way less stressful for us though!
One part of the market is held in the area of Saint Catherine’s. I love coming to this area for two reasons, one is good food and the other is Frederick Blondeel has his chocolate shop here. If you come visit I promise to take you and we can dive into his Venezuelan cup of divine intervention hot chocolate together.

saintcatherinesSaint Catherine’s was a nice backdrop on this dreary, cold, sort of dismal day. The sun desperately tried to come through the clouds giving the sky a warm tint, dark exposure of the foregroud finally turned off my camera’s brain and allowed the bright but sunless sky to be seen.

WoodworkI have no idea why they did this decorative thing up above but I like it!

escargottruckSome people have asked me if they really eat snails around these parts…the answer is yes. Here you can get them on a kebob, as a sandwich or in an omelette. I am an adventurous culinary foodie…but I haven’t tried escargot…yet. I have promised myself I will at least once before we leave Belgium. I’ll take pictures.

VinchaudThey served hot wine and you can make it a deluxe with a shot of amaretto or whatever liquor you want.

sausagehouseZane would live in this little house if we let him. Any type of process salted meats, stay out of his way. The french word for sausage is Saucissons, but don’t worry, no matter HOW you say it, it will never be the correct way to say it. I have said it a million times over, each time altering the tone, inflection, vowel length, etc. and no one ever understands me.

FunnyChristmasMonsterLily did not think the giant Christmas Ice Monster was “Funny”, not one bit.

ferriswheelNo. Not even once. Growing up my mom would call those little carnivals in parking lots “death carnivals”, the name stuck in my head. Not that I am prejudiced to Belgian engineering, safety protocols or work ethic but I’d want to see the latest inspection before climbing onto one of these.

It was a nice way to begin the year. The kids start school on Tuesday. Monday is a holiday because they are attempting to drive stay at home mothers and fathers crazy. It’s wet, cold, rainy and my children are trapped inside all day. They will survive until Tuesday, I hope.

Short Video of highlights from today. The merry-go-rounds are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. and their design is a cross between Tim Burton and Monty Python.

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3 Responses to Week Fifty-two

  1. kasiu says:

    we only missing the snow 🙂

  2. Karen Bourque says:

    We have plenty of snow here in CT if you want some 🙂 Although there is so much sunshine that you get “white blindness”, which can be hazardous when driving! I love the hot wine with Amaretto – I have to try that! I so enjoy these posts, I can’t believe you have hit the half-way mark already! I’ll look forward to the snail-eating pictures!

  3. tjebran35 says:

    I, too, look forward to the escargot pictures. Be sure to get one of your face when you take your first bite. Kim loves it, and I have never tried, and probably never will. Glad you are safe and sound after your trip. Eager to hear how Zane does now that his tonsils are gone.

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