Week Fifty-three

It snowed last night!
Jason and I braved the snow Saturday night to go have an adult dinner out at a fantastic Thai Restaurant. Thank goodness for public transport. No way we would drive around Brussels in these conditions unless necessary.
We woke up Sunday morning to exclaims from Zane and Lily shouting, “IT SNOWED! IT’S CHRISTMAS! DID SANTA COME!!” Unfortunately we had to disappoint them and explain that although it lasted quite a long time this year, Christmas was most definitely over.
Big cities are always so wonderful right after a fresh new snowfall. Everything looks clean and storybook like.

IMG_5352Z&L couldn’t wait to get out and crunch around…


IMG_5367and eat a reasonable amount of snow.


IMG_5388They were getting bored quickly, because they are 4, so we handed them buckets and shovels and told them to gather as much snow as they could.

IMG_5355And make a snow cone stand.

IMG_5350Dad thought it would be funny to throw a snowball at Lily.  It hurt her feelings instead.  It was getting colder and colder quickly and Zane did not enjoy the cold burning his fingers.

IMG_5375So, Lily and I stayed outside to make a snowman…

IMG_5383and Zane and Daddy came in to make a fire.


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