Week Fifty-five

photo 2_3
It was cold.  Really cold.  Not North Dakota cold, but pretty cold.  I wasn’t really able to get out of the house much to do things, so I tried to keep myself busy.

photo 1
oooo snow tracks in my backyard, let’s see if I can figure out what is what?  Ok, that is a moose or a deer.  Wait what?


photo 2
That is a crow.  A little more believable

photo 3
That is a bunny.  That I have never seen.  Which makes me mad because that means there is a bunny living at my house and I have yet to grab it, hug it and snuggle it!

photo 4
That is um….a drunk raccoon?

photo 1_2
There’s my little fox!

photo 2_2
and one of the cats.

Ok, well that was all nice and interesting, let’s move on to something more exciting, to me anyway.  Food!

photo 4_2

photo 1_3
I love how when you go to breakfast, it is precise.  Everything is fresh and perfectly placed.  This is also why breakfast costs about ~26 freaking dollars when at IHOP I could have the same amount of food for 7.99….

Let’s talk dinner.  Jason and I decided to try out a restaurant that I have heard rave reviews about lately, Le Coriandre. Everyone seems to love this place but it is always booked.  Jason saw the opportunity for a reservation and pounced on it.

You know you are in Belgium when….this is your wine list.

photo 3_3

We ordered the discovery menu.  It was fantastic.  I would say the second best meal I have had thus far in my life.  Everything was perfectly balanced, tasty and amazing.

photo 4_3
Uh, that girl who takes pictures of her food at the restaurant (yah, that’s me)?

So one of the like 10 courses we had was called “ris de veau”.  In french, rice is “riz” so I thought, huh, maybe it’s plural or some other weird crazy exception rule and it is like a rice salad with meat.  Turns out, ris de veau are sweetbreads.  I have never had sweetbreads, it is sort of on my”maybe some day I’ll try it but I’m not really sure list” (like escargot).  For those of you who don’t know what sweetbreads are, they are calf thymus (or pancreas in some cases).  They have the same consistency as brains.  I’ve never eaten brains but that’s what “they” say.

They were actually very tasty, but you just had to take a deep breath and try to forget about it.  Jason and I noticed we were nervous talking our way through the course trying to talk about anything other than the fact that we were eating thymus.  If you want to know what they taste like, they taste like deeply flavored rotisserie chicken with a tender fish filet consistency.  I did it.  Cross that one off the list.

photo 1_4
Another “funny” thing about eating out here is that you are constantly served so much food you need at least a day to recover.  After eating all the million courses, I asked if we were through.  The waitress said, yes ma’am we just have dessert left.  Whew. I was relieved.  But.   Here is the PRE-DESSERT.

photo 2_4

photo 3_4
AND POST DESSERT.  I mean really, how all these people here are not a hundred pounds overweight, I will never know.

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