Week Sixty

What happened to Week Fifty-Nine you ask? Well, the children were home all week long for school holidays and daddy was out of town. And it was cold. And I was cranky. And I took no pictures. BUT I am currently working on a new blogsite for new families with small children who come to Brussels. One of the most annoying things about Brussels and Belgium in general is most information is passed by word of mouth. Of course there are some resources out there but most of them are either in French or Dutch only (no blame, that is the language around here) or the information is presented quite poorly and as confusing as possible. Therefore, I have undertaken an effort to get information collected and placed into a central repository, one that I wish I had had when we arrived.
It is still in its infant stage but you can see how it’s going here.

This past week, it was cold. Again. There was no way I was going to head out into the weather to get items from our weekly market so Jason graciously volunteered to brave the cold and gather supplies for his poor starving family huddled around the fireplace (Not really but it sounds more heroic).

I’m ready for Spring. I’ve about had it with old man winter.




In other news, Lily and Zane celebrated Valentine’s Day at their school.

Speaking of school, school is going well for both Zane and Lily.
Zane Floor
Zane spends most of his time on the floor building things.

Lily spends her time socializing, writing, directing and managing events.

They are so excited to go each day and love all of their friends.

Last week they had their Music Assembly. It was extremely cute. Warning: Content may be only fit for Grandparents and people who find my children as adorable as I do.

I also made a video about what it is like to drive here on a daily basis, in case cute kids aren’t your thing.

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2 Responses to Week Sixty

  1. tjebran35 says:

    As usual the new blog is going to be very professional and will be a great help to newbies. Is there anything you are not really good at doing? I suspect not. I can imagine that a snowy winter is grating on you + being so far away from real familiarity. Chin up, spring will come around soon. Love and hugs to all.

  2. kdcarver says:

    You always impress me with your talent.

    But I need to remind myself never to piss you off on the road…

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