Week Sixty-Nine

Week Sixty-Nine-ish kinda. More like, what snapshots can I find on my iPhone? Let’s see!

photo 1Lately Lily is into drawing all her favorite stories.  Here is Rapunzel.

photo 3Zane is still into being naked and DESTROYING the living room/dining room at any chance he gets.  Here, I was downstairs doing laundry, 20 minutes later…a mess.

photo 2And Bailey is still into sleeping.

photo 3We are taking a break from traveling for a bit this week to relax.  I do love to travel but it does get exhausting.  Above, a nice moment from Prague the other week.

DSC02778I am having a great time with the international community of ISB, the children’s school.  Here was a pottery night where we drank wine.  I mean, got crafty.

photo 2

photo 1Speaking of the kid’s school, I forgot to post these pictures from a while ago but their school hosted its annual International Festival.  It kicks off with a parade of nations.  It’s like being at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, except the athletes are tiny.  I worked the morning shift at the American booth where we sold hot dogs, root beer floats and Bud Light.

At school in their classrooms, the kids are finishing up a unit of learning entitled “Out and About”.  They walk and take city buses to different businesses in the neighborhood and learn about what goes into each business.  Learning that different places are for different things.  Remember, there are no Super-Walmarts here so we actually have to go different places for different things!  We went to a laundromat, a bakery, a florist, and a grocery store.

While Nana was in town, she got to help chaperone one of these field trips to the Florist.

IMG_5681This construction is called “typical.”


IMG_5743Oh, Zane.

photo 2Grocery store visit.

photo 1Speaking of Nana’s visit a few weeks ago, we went to the zoo and also technopolis.  The kids were so excited to show Nana around some of their favorite places.  BUT, as is typical tradition, we didn’t take any pictures of Nana with Zane and Lily.  We are normally having so much fun it isn’t until after we get home that we say, did you take any pictures? No, did you??  ARRRRGGGG!

But, here is a video of the house that Nana and I built for Zane and Lily.  I wish I could buy these blocks but they are over 500 dollars for only 75 of them!

The video cuts out but yes the little house of bricks DID come tumbling down.

photo 4The other weekend we took a trip out to the Blue Bell forest to have a picnic with some friends.  However, it has been so cold here, that no Blue Bells were in sight!

photo 5Eating, drinking, making sure no one loses an eye over sharp pointy sticks.

photo 5Elmar, Lily and Léa are all in the same class at school, Zane did not come on this trip with us.  When asked he said he wanted to stay home.  Then, later, he saw the pictures and was so sad he didn’t join in.  Next time.

photo 4Little monkeys

photo 5LOOK, I lied.  I did find one Blue Bell.  Pathetic little thing.

The sun is out and spring MAY actually be here, highs have been in the low 50s all the way up to the 60s.  Fingers crossed.

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