Week Seventy-Three

Soooo, this was the last time I played hockey. See me kneeling on the ice for the picture? That’s because I could barely stand up. I was going for the puck during scrimmage and another player couldn’t stop her forward progress into my body. It resulted in my hand getting cut by her skate and my knee going in a direction it probably shouldn’t have.
The wound on my finger developed a nasty staph infection (thanks to the quite dirty gloves I was dumb enough to put my hand back into) and my knee was in a lot of pain. BUT, as it often does, time, antibiotics and a brace healed the wounds and I’m almost back to normal. Normal for me anyway.
This month of ice hockey in Leuven was a lot of fun but maybe I should stick to basket weaving.

As many of you know we are shopping around for a new house here in Brussels. Our current house we are renting was sold and so we need to relocate since the new owners will be moving in. I’ve been looking and looking but still have not been able to find one that is a good fit for us. However, I have seen some pretty hilarious things. Take this for example. This was the 10 year old’s bed. yep.

During the weekend Jason and I went on “The Tram Experience” here in Brussels. They have converted a transportation tram into a dining car. You pre-buy your ticket on the internet when seats open up and are served dinner while traveling around the city. We had a lot of fun and a lot of food. The funnest part for us was communicating with the people who would either drive up along side of the tram or were walking by. Jason and I can be quite silly (really?) so we were doing all sorts of things in our window to make the on-lookers laugh or play along.

We had a lot of champagne and wine. I swear anytime you took a sip they came back by to replace the sip. Great news to have so much tasty wine! Bad news was the bathroom on the tram was broken. By the end of the evening you could see a lot of people uncomfortably shifting in their seats.

After we got off our early dinner tram, we met up with some friends who were getting on the late dinner tram and filled them in on what they were about to experience. Including the warning about the broken facilities.

This weekend was also the Brussels 20km. Last year we were in shorts and t-shirts and enjoyed sitting down at the end of our street to cheer on the runners. This year it was SO cold and damp that we only stayed down there for a short period of time.

The kids still enjoyed the drum beats and holding their inspirational signs.

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  1. Lacey says:

    That cannot be a tanning bed. Can it?

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