Week Seventy-Four

Culinaria 2013! It’s basically a cafeteria full of Michelin Starred restaurants and chefs. We met up with some friends and devoured our way through this annual event. Each person is given 1 ticket for appetizers, 5 tickets for meals and 2 tickets for desserts (and of course plenty of drink tickets) and you get to peruse around deciding what you would like to eat for dinner. It is a hard decision because everything looks so tasty. We decided upon the fanciest hot dog we’ve ever had (trust me it was fancy and not a “hot dog”), raw wagyu beef filet with foie gras, a thai bowl (filled with all sorts of asian goodness) a salad with some kind of crazy cheese foam, and a crab/egg drop soup thingy. It was all delicious but there was one VERY annoying thing. A lot of chefs ran out of their dishes almost an hour before the event was supposed to be over. A couple that joined us arrived a little late and did not get a lot of the good stuff. To me, for the price that they sell these limited number of tickets at, there should be an over abundance of food for the event patrons. Not people standing around still with a half full ticket booklet.

Anyway. In child-land their school hosted its annual Scavenger Hunt. The kids are given an envelope filled with clues about people who are hiding all over the school and the school grounds. They have to figure the clue out, find the person (teachers) and get their signature.

Waffles were consumed but as the weather turned dark once again, we all headed home. The kids had a great time but mom was not feeling so great and truly toughed it out. I had been sick since Sunday. Four days of fever, a light rash and a headache that wouldn’t quit. I faked it for as long as I could, medicated up and got on with my days but ended up collapsed in bed by 6pm each night. Nothing is confirmed as to what it is but…..Something viral. Something not contagious. Something that slowly wanted me to feel what death is like.

I spent almost all of Saturday and Sunday in the dark, in bed, and curled in the fetal position. After sleeping a ridiculous number of hours I made myself get out of bed to go with the kids to a street carnival down the street from us.

The kids were having a great time. And I was making it through.

They road this ride three times in a row…

And Zane still didn’t understand why he couldn’t go faster and pass the other cars.

Once Lily figured out that the cars steer themselves and she had to do nothing…she road the rest of the ride like this.

Once Zane figured out that he wouldn’t get in trouble for hitting other people and that it was actually the point of bumper cars, the evil grin on his face could have lit up a whole city.

After hooking some ducks, Lily waited until we weren’t looking and just grabbed them to pile them in her bucket. She IS efficient, got to give her that.

That’s a whole bunch of nope.

And finally, I can’t leave out the goings-on of my other child. Each evening we are having a visitor at our back window. Bailey is not a fan. She puffs up like a toilet brush, hisses, spits and tries to attack through the glass. She’s a tad anti-social.

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