Week Seventy-Five

photo 1

photo 2
Well as you can see the sun is finally shining! It only took half the year for it to make an appearance but we are getting temperatures in the 70s that are making life a little brighter. The construction though…still remains a thorn in all our sides.

photo 3

photo 4To celebrate our first warm weather weekend we packed up and headed to the beach with a few friends. We had been to the Belgian coast before but on the advice of a few of Jason’s co-workers we went just across the borders into The Netherlands to the Cadzand-Bad Beach. The dutch windmills signified we were close.

**Pictures of sand in them are courtesy of my friend Kate who was smart enough to remember to take pictures.

IMG_2607Upon arrival there was one small problem. It was so windy it was making it hard to have a good time and also it was pretty chilly. Probably around 50 degrees. But, with some windscreen rentals, the sun getting higher in the sky and food/drink being brought out, the fun-times commenced.

The best part about going on trips with other families is that the kids keep themselves pretty much entertained (We had 16 kids total). Sure you have to break up a few fights here and there and remind them to share their shovel instead of wielding it like an ax but it is much more relaxing than the whine that is obtained during solo family outings. (Where did Clayton’s body go! (don’t worry he’s hiding in the huge whole they dug)

IMG_2618No thank you.

IMG_2597Zane is fast, but is also a cheater.

IMG_2601We had more food than we knew what to do with but the wine was broken out after deciding 11am was late enough in the day to be civilized.


photo 5It was a great trip and the ride home was silent.

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