Week Seventy-Six

The week before the kids’ birthday was one of continual stress and temper control. Zane and Lily would be turning 5 and now fully understood all the aspects of what a birthday is and what it entails. Every morning I was met with at least an hour long discussion about “WHEN is it going to be my birthday!” “WHEN am I going to have my party!” “WHAT presents am I going to get!” “WHO of my friends are coming”. Every morning, same answers.

The weather had surely picked up and getting back to the outdoors seemed to be first on everyone’s priority list. With school winding down all “the moms” were finding our kids still had way too much energy when we got them home. So, we just kept the party going by leaving school and finding more activities to wear them out. This day we headed to Rouge Cloitre in the forest for a picnic and good time.

Random picture while I was driving around the Congolese neighborhood looking for parking. Dolls heads…not creepy in the least.

Isn’t he a ham. I know all moms say this about their sons but the kid could be a model if he didn’t have the attitude problem.

On Sunday we had dinner at Brasserie Maridal, which is one of my favorites. The food is decent and overpriced but they do have a huge playground. You can sit outside and dine in peace as the kids do monkey things in a monkey environment.
Poor Zane couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to lay down on the sidewalk. He played so hard that he couldn’t even get back to the car. Poor guy, he needs to save his energy for his birthday next week.

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