Week Seventy-Seven

Happy 5th Birthday! You blink and bam, those little wrapped bundles of scream turn 5 years old!
Just like each year let birthday ramadan begin. A full week of celebration begins now.

You probably don’t remember but last year we took Z&L out of school for their birthday and went to the Netherlands to Efteling. They had such a great time I decided to do it again. I asked them if they wanted to go but they said they only wanted to go with their favorite friends “kay-ton & john”. My friend Kate and I pulled all our kids out of school the day before their actual birthday and drove up north for a day of amusement park fun. Fortunately, it was not as packed as it would be on a weekend or during the summer. Unfortunately there were BUSLOADS of children that were pouring into the park when we got there. As the day wore on the crowds thinned out and we never had to wait longer than 10 minutes for anything so no complaining is really necessary.
Lily decided to ride next to Clayton half the day and John the other half. The girl keeps her options open…

Smile if you’re a twin.

Zane was not impressed that they started the show late.

You could feel the fire on your face. No release necessary.

All our knights.

The day concluded with a water show…with FIRE

Capes were definitely necessary for such a show.

This wooden roller coaster has two coasters racing at the same time side by side. Our coaster lost, which is a bummer but the ride was fantastic. It’s been a long time since I could get on a roller coaster but luckily I had two boys with me that were at the height minimum! Hopefully in a year or two, Zane and Lily will welcome their new addiction with me.

Lily’s last photo as a four year old.

The next day, Zane and Lily’s teacher helped them celebrate in class.

Then we headed over to my friend Elpida’s house for another birthday celebration complete with delicious strawberry tarts.


IMG_2565More celebration at home with raspberry tarts.

IMG_2582And present opening.  Lily got a new pair of roller blades and Zane got a new razor two wheeled scooter.  They also got new backpacks with walkie-talkies and legos.

Birthday Party Pictures
IMG_7175 IMG_7177 IMG_7199 IMG_7204 IMG_7221 IMG_7226 IMG_7234 IMG_7253

I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday party, let alone a week long celebration…this year, I think I need one.

IMG_2571Random shot but I detest driving next to these guys.  I won’t even stop my car next to one at a red light.  Those metal poles are held on with cloth cords that have slack in the them. That’s a lot of nope.

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